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The ADVISOR Program Full Disclaimer

Our Design 2000, Inc - ADVISOR Program is offered to you exclusively as a Professional Creative Direction, Self Help Support Service. As such our art directors, writers and graphic artists DO NOT SUBSTITUTE for your seeking out the more in depth Marketing and Advertising Services that you alone deem to be necessary.

All ADVISOR Program representatives are independent Creative Self Help Support Professionals. As such, all services provided by your assigned ADVISOR are provided exclusively at your specific direction.

Representatives or independent licensees of our Design 2000, Inc - ADVISOR Program are never permitted to engage in more than Consulting under the ADVISOR Program. As such, our ADVISOR Professionals are prohibited from providing any kind of final artwork graphics or writing. They are authorized only to offer advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible Software Template options, benefits, limitations, workarounds, or strategies.

Although Design 2000, Inc makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided by our independent professionals is sufficient and correct, such information cannot be guaranteed to be correct, complete or up-to-date; This is due to the rapidly, changing nature of today’s wide ranging computer technologies.

In addition, Design 2000, Inc cannot guarantee that the correct information we do provide is not subject to varying interpretations or misinterpretation by customers or third parties.

Design 2000, Inc cannot guarantee that all of the information imparted by our representatives or independent licensees will fit every single customer circumstance every single time. So when more complex or unusual situations arise, our Customers would do well by choosing to seek out more in depth services offered on design2000inc.com.

Design 2000, Inc is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to your use of the Design 2000, Inc - ADVISOR Program, whether from errors or omissions, from this site being down, or from any other use of Design 2000, Inc's Services or Site Information.